Today, India has changed from a developing nation to a transforming nation, where there has been a major shift in all walks of life. While the new, young India is highly aspirational, the competition is stiff. What one needs today is an edge over others. What you wear expresses your self-image and personality. Gone are the days when wearing a suit was only reserved for special occasions.


Today’s youth never misses a chance to look their best and they use multiple occasions to showcase this.
There are unlimited opportunities out there in the world and young India has the potential. What weaves the two together is confidence. Your clothes empower you and your confidence. And because the youth have the burning desire to travel the world and be the best, amongst the best of the world, they, consequently, want similar values from the brands they want to engage with too.
Only Vimal, an iconic brand of Reliance Industries Ltd., at its core has always stood for ‘fashion for the young trendsetter’ with premium and innovative products. It has a diversified product portfolio ranging from fabrics and apparel to gifting and accessories. Only Vimal has to its credit many patented technologies and has been vigorously innovating its product portfolio. The result being, technologically superior product offerings, that keep in mind the life and aspirations of young India.
Only Vimal carries the global aspirations of Indians and offers them a product that is technologically advanced. The campaign showcases four technologically superior products:
Protector – Quadra shielded (anti-dust, anti-odour, quick stain release and anti-pollen) fabrics and apparels.
DEO, – Anti-microbial fabrics and apparels.
D-creased – Smooth and wrinkle-free fabrics and apparels.
nICE – Cool moisture-absorbent fabrics and apparels.
The brand, Only Vimal aims to represent the ‘MAN IN ACTION’ much like the youth today, who juggle multiple roles and aims at aiding them in going through their life with comfort and style in any given situation.
Only Vimal offers world-class innovative menswear fabric and apparel with cutting edge design values. Experience the best of Only Vimal at the many leading retail outlets spread across the country.