Worsted Spinning

State of the art machines which have the capability of spinning a variety of metrics, with blends of wool, poly and speciality fibres such as silk, flax, bamboo and all kinds of animal fibre.

A plant where the majority of its production caters to the export market, demanding the highest of standards with respect to shade, performance and high quality. The highlight is that of the shade matching criticality where the demands are mix and match fabrics – where we could rate ourselves as amongst the best in the world.

Another feature is the Lycra twisting and manufacturing of specialized stretch fabric.

Facilities for manufacturing – yarn dyeing, both for suitings and automotive. Our machines are from world renowned textile machine manufacturers in the world such as NSC, Zinser, SSM, etc.

Synthetic Spinning

Modern plant producing synthetic fabrics blends of polyester and viscose. State of the art machines producing yarns of the highest quality for both domestic and international customers.


To enhance and cater to the stringent quality requirements, Reliance had added several looms to the existing set up – Air Jet looms from Japan and Rapiers from Switzerland.

Multiple air-jet weaving machines were installed to produce high-quality fabrics at the lowest possible cost. The machine features characteristics such as a higher speed, reduced vibration and low energy consumption. The machine comes equipped with the latest in electronic technology, including a new panel for the control of colours, and has the capability to be connected to the Internet. Additional features include, reduced air consumption; a new weft insertion system and new frame structure; and a central processing unit.

Rapiers equipped with Active Rapier Technology (ART) – The Active Rapier Technology gives us the options of extended patterning options, fewer breaks, increased efficiencies, improved fabric quality, thus making it extremely cost efficient and helps generates less waste. Hence, our weaving division is equipped with projectiles, rapiers and jet weaving to take care of all the different requirements of customers – from men’s wear to furnishing.


Our large processing capacity consists of both fibre dyed and piece dyed fabrics finished to the requirements of both domestic and international requirements.

Apart from the regular machinery, Reliance added some state of the art machines to cater to the growing demand of customers, such as:

Xetma – Surface finishing imparting a cotton touch to the fabrics. Features include, emerizing, brush suedeing and raising.

Formula 1 – This machine represents a new landmark in the finishing process, thanks to its extraordinary power and versatility; it has rapidly obtained a worldwide approbation both in the wool and synthetic fabric sectors. Through customized finishing lines suitable to meet the different customers’ needs, several finishing processes can be carried out such as pressing/calendaring before KD, paper press imitation, last “finish” decatizing to improve the Siro Fast formability parameters, single passage permanent chintz.

Deco fast – Continuous decatizing for treatment of fabric under steam pressure to achieve outstanding dimensional stability of worsted and wool woven fabrics. The process imparts superior bounce, feel and sheen to the fabric.

Kier Decatizing KD finish – By this process, high-quality wool and woollen-blend fabrics receive a permanent fixing. The wool fabrics acquire important basic qualities like a flowing drape, crease resistance and a discreet glaze finish.