Ironing can sometimes cause clothes more harm than good. That’s why D-CREASED, an innovation that dissolves the need to iron clothes. Its unique properties improve smoothness and reduce wrinkle formation on the surface of the fabric.



Heat, humidity, perspiration. No matter what, your clothes will now remain ever-fresh. DEO2 is a unique feature that arrests the growth of micro-organisms on the fabric to prevent bad odour and gives it better UV protection to keep clothes fresh and cool, all day long.



Now you don’t have to worry about your clothes anymore that experience hard time due to tropical climate and dusty atmosphere of India. PROTECTOR is a smart, versatile and fashionable fabric that features anti-odour, anti-pollen, anti-dust and quick stain release properties.



Wearing clothes can be unpleasant if they give a humid feel. To let you never experience such feeling, we invented nICE. It enhances moisture management in the fabric with its capillary action which allows fabric to absorb sweat and water rapidly, giving a direct cooling effect.



Ever wondered how will it feel if your clothes could balance your body temperature with the outside condition just like your skin, the answer is SKIN2. It consists reactive microencapsulated Phase Change Materials (PCMs), which behave like second skin and make wearer feel comfortable.