The Only Vimal apparel range comprises of the following collections, crafted to dress up young India: 

Only Vimal Apparel
    Only Vimal's Business Collection plays with a montage of exciting designs in new lines, developed with the finest assortment of fabrics.

    Whether you're enjoying a dinner party or a night out with the gang, our After-Hours wardrobe helps set the tone for the night.

    Dressing sporty doesn't mean dressing in a boring way. There are certain ways to make your sporty outfits look appealing too. Dressing sporty but chic is a solution to looking fabulous every time even when casually dressed with Only Vimal’s Sport collection.

    Only Vimal’s Linen Collection is a truly luxurious collection.  It is a stylish and contemporary addition to your everyday wardrobe. The fabric has been created exclusively to tie in with this season's key trends, giving you a fashionable, well-dressed look.

Available in following categories
Shirts • T-Shirts • Trousers • Cardigans • Suits • Jackets/Blazers